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About The Room

You have been working for a temping agency for several months and still have not been paid. After several phone calls to the elusive manager, you decide to pay head office a call. When you get there the room appears empty but suddenly the door shuts and you are locked in.

Can you find out who is responsible and escape within the hour?


  • 2 people – £40 per room
  • 3 people – £50 per room
  • 4 people – £60 per room
  • 5 people – £70 per room
  • 6 people – £80 per room

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Please use our booking system below to reserve your time slot in one of our escape rooms. Any slots that are taken will not be available to book to avoid duplicate bookings. All information entered in the booking and payment pages is sent securely to our servers. If you would like a slot that is out of our “normal” opening hours, please contact us and we will try to help.