First, gather a team of friends or family to join on your escape attempt – make sure you like these people - and book a slot online using our online booking system
Come along to our rooms, make sure you arrive 10 minutes before your allocated time. We will explain what you have to do and tell you the story of why you are locked in
You are “locked in”. You have 60 minutes to work as a team, hunt for clues and solve puzzles in order to escape. You can ask for hints when you need them
At the end of the hour, you have hopefully escaped. If not, we will let you out. Either way we will then discuss your game and answer any questions you may have



Real life escape games are the latest craze to hit the country; they have been extremely popular in Japan, China, parts of the USA and Hungary for the last few years and are now increasing in popularity all over Europe. Escape rooms are a type of skill-based and mental adventure game in which people are “locked” in a room with friends, family or colleagues and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. Think of a mixture between “The Crystal Maze” without Richard O’Brien or Ed Tudor-Pole and “Treasure Hunt” without Anneka Rice and a helicopter.

This is a real life situation where you will learn about yourself and others in your team and have lots of fun which you will talk about for far longer than the game time itself. The game lasts for approximately 60 minutes where you will piece together information to unveil clues to aid your escape. Some puzzles are easy, whilst others will have you thinking. No special skills are required to attempt to escape.

Make sure you leave time for parking and making your way to our 3rd floor rooms. We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes early to give you time to settle in.


Escape With No Clues

Escape With Up To 5 Clues


Escape With Up To 8 Clues


You will be able to contact us during your hour in the locked room and you will be able to ask for clues to aid your escape. We will only give you the clues if we think you really need them. The target is to escape with as few clues as possible. We have had one group escape with no clues; the average is 8.

Escape With No Clues
Escape With Up to 5 Clues
Escape With Up To 8 Clues


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The Rooms

We are situated on the third floor of Horsefair House in Leicester City Centre, between the market and Town Hall Square. Being in the heart of the city centre, your Escape Room experience is even more accessible than before. Access is available by lift or stairs when in the building.

We have two rooms. Our first room is suitable for 2-6 players; we have had groups of 7 play but this is quite crowded. Our second room is a little larger and will be opening soon. Each room has a different story behind it and a different set of puzzles and clues. Both, however, will need you to work as a team to escape. The rooms can be seen below and bookings can be made using the links below for each room. Bookings are for 60 minutes per slot, so if you would like to experience more than one room on your visit, please take that into consideration.

We have a very comfortable and quirky reception area with puzzles and games to entertain you. If you are a larger group, you can take it in turns to escape the room while the rest of you can chat, play games or simply relax.

Looking for discounts or vouchers? Check our Facebook & Twitter pages for offers.  If you would like to book a slot that is not within our “usual opening hours”, please get in touch with us and we will try to help. You can contact us here.

 The Abandoned Office

You and your team have been working for a temping agency for several months and still have not been paid. After several phone calls to the elusive manager, you decide to pay head office a call. When you get there the room appears empty so you start to explore but suddenly the door shuts and you are locked in. Find out the name of your manager in order to escape.

Can you  escape within the hour? How many clues will you need?

This room can be adapted for younger players if required. We are the only Escape Rooms in Leicester to receive all 5 star reviews on trip advisor.


  • 2 people – £40 per room
  • 3 people – £50 per room
  • 4 people – £60 per room
  • 5 people – £70 per room
  • 6 people – £80 per room

 The Secret of Thrash’em Towers


You attended “Thrash’em Towers” boarding school during the late 1970s and during your final year, you came first in a national competition, winning a solid gold cup and the accolade of “The Most Intelligent Pupil in the Country.”

Mr Wurzels (the evil headmaster) and Mrs Wurzels (the evil matron) looked after the cup for you in their room but when you left the school they refused to hand over what is rightfully yours – The Golden Cup!

Thrash’em Towers has been closed now for the past 30 years; it was closed due to too many pupil thrashings! Now you and your team have returned to the school to try to find the hard earned prize of your school days.

Can you find the golden cup and escape within an hour?

Children over 8 years old will be welcome in family groups.


  • 2 people – £40 per room
  • 3 people – £50 per room
  • 4 people – £60 per room
  • 5 people – £70 per room
  • 6 people – £80 per room
  • 7 people – £90 per room
  • 8 people – £100 per room

Frequently Asked Questions

Nobody will jump out at you, we don’t want to give anyone a heart attack – that would be bad for business. Our puzzles require mental strength rather than physical strength and definitely team work – so bring along people who you like!

You will be able to escape from our rooms by finding clues and solving puzzles in the room. Obviously more brains will help but listening to each other is more important. We want you to escape and experience the whole game so we will give you clues if they are needed.

We will be watching your progress and if you need a clue we will be there to offer help. If we think you are doing well, then you won’t get so many clues as other teams. We want you to feel success but we want to challenge you also.

As much as we would like to wait for your group, it would be unfair to other groups if their booked time was pushed back because of lateness from another group. Given that, we will try our best to wait for your party but after a certain time, the one hour clock will begin and whoever is late may join in the game later when they arrive.

We have designed our first game for 2 -5 people. However, we are happy for 6 people to play, but you must realise that it may feel a little crowded. Our second room – Thrash’em Towers is larger and we have had groups of 8 adults and 9 teenagers play successfully.

Yes, sometimes children are the ones with the creativity to find a solution, they also love the “hide and seek” element of the game. During trials for “The Abandoned Office”, we had family groups with children as young as six. These children found some of the clues that the adults did not. If you want to bring children in a family group then please let us know so we can add a couple of extra sweet surprises. If you want to book the room for a group of children / teenagers for a birthday treat then the minimum age is 11 due to the complexity of the game. All groups must have an adult present.

No. We don’t allow anyone to take photos or videos. The room must stay secret so that it isn’t spoilt for other players.

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. There is nothing physical for you to worry about. However, please bring reading glasses if you wear them.

If you would like to know more information about us, as well as the company BOLT OUT Ltd, please click on the button below. Any other information you may wish to know you can request by using the Contact Form.

Cancellation charge is £5 to cover our costs. The minimum period for cancellation is 7 days prior to the booking.

Family And Friends
Do your kids always complain that there is nothing to do? Our Escape Rooms are an excellent way to spend some amazing time with your family and friends, as you work together to escape from our rooms. Going to the movies is so last year!
Do you enjoy challenges and solving puzzles? Are you looking for a fun activity to unwind with your friends? Do you want to find out who is the most intelligent? You need 2 – 6 players and can choose from two different rooms which change themes several times a year.
Corporate Events
Tired of dull and conventional team building events? Our Escape Rooms provide challenging scenarios to get you talking. We will provide a unique and fun event for corporate entertainment and networking events.
Tourists And Travellers
Are you visiting Leicester for a few days and what something fun to do? Our unique form of entertainment will appeal much more than the usual cinema, museums and bowling. We’re taking entertainment to a whole new level!

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